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The fifth old old war League A Taishan draw Luzhkov Sohu debut manatee sports Qilu news network November 3rd (reporter intern reporter Xu Kaihua Zhao Xianzhe) 3, the fifth old A League in Shanghai Jiangwan stadium for the first time to participate in the war, the old A League Luneng Taishan senior team first battle with the Qingdao old bulls 0-0 shake hands. Old armour A League by Peng Weiguo, Fan Zhiyi, peak and other old A league players jointly launched a football tournament, has been held for five sessions. The main features of the old A League is friends with the ball, with nostalgia based friendly. League aims to rely on the influence of a A, will be more of a retired veteran A players pulled into it, in order to do more work around the youth training, expanding the impact of football at the grassroots level, for the Chinese football to transport more talent. As the old A League of the "new army", the Taishan Luneng senior team for the first time, the team has been set up to support the Luneng club. The club also established Senate office, Luneng senior team contact team and other matters, for Shanghai, for the senior team Luneng in the base, and the warm-up match with the amateur team. The 3 day old A League opener, the Luneng Taishan team and the Qingdao team once again staged derby. In the game, Tang Xiaocheng and Zhang Pengsheng have old Taishan team players debut, Su Maozhen represents Qingdao old bulls debut. The final stage of the game, Luneng senior team hit the woodwork, missed the opportunity to score the final two teams shake hands and 0:0. It is worth noting that, once the fukeweiqi Luneng exploits foreign aid from foreign countries came, and with a debut in the old cattle war game, his one by one, can be seen in the presence of Luneng effect. On the afternoon of 4 13:45, the Luneng team will usher in the Shanghai old Paul team challenge. This game Luneng Taishan senior team line-up: 11 Xing Rui (C), 22, 15, 2 Pengsheng Fan Xuewei Shao Yanjie, 29 Tang Ming and Geng Yujie in 38, 13, 12, Chen Jun Hua Shuang 21 Li Yong, 14 Sun Xingming, 7 Tang Xiaocheng.相关的主题文章: