The inclusion of Quanzhou Seacell inscription inscription of 14 heritage sites of Quanzhou led dream cibi

The inclusion of Quanzhou Seacell inscription inscription of 14 heritage sites in Quanzhou dream led inscription of Quanzhou led to the "maritime Silk Road dream inverted schedule, according to the task list, a clear division of responsibilities, detailed work plan, work hard, hundred-percent, with" workaholic "spirit to complete!" In September 3rd, the municipal government held a work conference Seacell inscription inscription, entered the final stage of work. The inscription of the road, one step ahead. In March this year, the State Administration of cultural heritage, to declare the project to determine the Seacell inscription Chinese World Heritage in 2018. Since April 2001, Quanzhou officially launched the "maritime Silk Road: Quanzhou since the historic" Declaration of world cultural heritage, is the fifteenth year. The inscription of the dream, has been brewing for a long time. Responsible for the daily work of the office of Seacell inscription Deputy Secretary city media Bureau Bao Yang reviewed some important time node of Quanzhou inscription: 2001, Quanzhou held in 2006 and 2012 Seacell inscription flag; "maritime Silk Road: Quanzhou historic" two times in China prepared by the Quanzhou inscription list; mainly sponsored by the inscription activity recognition and response to other domestic city such as Guangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, 2012 Seacell inscription city has reached 9; in November 2014, "to jointly promote the" maritime Silk Road "cultural heritage included in the" World Heritage List "– the" Quanzhou consensus "signed in Quanzhou in September 2015, the inaugural meeting of joint publication; in the Silk Road City Union held in Beijing, Quanzhou is a founding member; held in August 29th this year, the State Administration of cultural heritage declaration of world Hester The cultural heritage of the meeting, according to the National Bureau of cultural relics, I led the city with the inscription signed Hayes and the World Heritage Protection Association, the joint venture agreement. The inscription, in an orderly way. At present, Quanzhou as the leading city of Hester joint inscription, the inscription and the lead service work according to the time node promote efficient, comprehensive, fully affirmed by the State Administration of cultural heritage. This includes coordination, promote the draft text of the inscription is basically formed, the agreement signed by the inscription, the city collaborative work to proceed, Hester historical heritage preservation and restoration plan ontology declaration, and have access to approved remediation environmental heritage case basically completed the preparation and other content.相关的主题文章: