The judge’s resignation letter has become popular for a long

The resignation letter of the judge became popular: long time tired of chores, seeking the market resignation letter original title: Hunan judge resignation letter popular: long tired in the chore seeking from the town in February 23rd, Hunan a judge resignation letter popular network. Red Net News (February 23rd Changsha time news reporter Zheng Tao) "at the beginning of hi justice, legal music may be performed, not kitsch, poverty. Long fatigue life in the case of chores, constraints, shortage in the children, not filial piety……" In February 23rd, a letter of resignation from a judge in Hunan quietly became popular in WeChat circle. The netizen praised the resignation letter, the literary talent flying, the author’s profound writing skills, lamented the resignation is a pity. In ten years the judge Yue law wrote in his letter of resignation, is not to Cultivate Civil line, indicating that the judge has to work in the province of "Yue" in the first 10 years of the trial court to court handling line. In his resignation letter, he complained about the "long fatigue life in the case of chores, constraints, shortage in the godson, not filial piety", "this is especially tired, sedentary work significantly, no business sophistication, passion gradually eliminate". Finally, the judge said he would "give gavel in judgment, seeking freedom in the marketplace to resign, engaged in the work of the trial for 10 years, neither sorry Xiezhi (a symbol of justice trial, there is no animal) unworthy of symbol of justice and the law of the goddess artemis. In the afternoon, when the news reporter the first time from the provincial court system an informed sources that, the letter of resignation from Xiangtan City Yuetang District People’s court judge a hand, "Yuetang District People’s court has received the judge’s letter of resignation, but not yet discussed." The insider said. It is understood that in recent years, with China’s economic development, social law, civil litigation cases increased exponentially, the grass-roots court judge workload increase, judge tired in official document has become a normal work. (red net) editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

法官辞职信走红:久疲命于杂务 求自在于市井 辞职信   原标题:湖南法官辞职信走红:久疲命于杂务 求自在于市井   2月23日,湖南一法官辞职信走红网络。   红网长沙2月23日讯(时刻新闻记者 郑涛 )“初则喜正义之伸张,乐法律得施行,不屑媚俗,安于清贫。久矣疲命于杂务,掣肘各情形,荒于教子,未尽孝心……”2月23日,一则湖南某法官辞职信在微信朋友圈悄然走红,网友盛赞辞职信文采飞扬、笔者文字功底深厚,感叹辞职甚为可惜。   该法官在辞职信中写道“入岳法十载,不可谓未坚持,耕耘民商一线”,说明该法官在省内一“岳”字头法院民庭审判办案一线已工作10年。   在辞职信中,他抱怨工作“久矣疲命于杂务,掣肘各情形,荒于教子,未尽孝心”,尤其“今已累案牍、显劳形,业务未见精进,激情日渐消弭”。   最后,该法官表示自己将“舍法槌于公堂,求自在于市井”辞职,从事审判工作10年,既没有对不起獬豸(一种象征公平正义审判的神兽),也没有愧对象征正义和法律的忒弥斯女神。   当天下午,时刻新闻记者第一时间从湖南省法院系统一名知情人士处了解到,该辞职信出自湘潭市岳塘区人民法院某法官之手,“岳塘区人民法院已收到该法官的辞职信,但暂未对此进行讨论。”该知情人士说。   另据了解,近年来,随着我国经济、法治社会发展,民事诉讼案件成倍增加,基层法院法官工作量水涨船高,法官加班累于案牍已成为一种工作常态。   (红网) 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: