The network ordering can back who say

The network ordering can back who say many people have had this experience to a restaurant for dinner, dishes for a long time, heart dissatisfaction, or true or false as if to take food, the waiter responded almost the same: the dish is on, right away. Back with food are often not "food" to urge businesses to quickly serve, but often has a good effect. Now, back to the store to dish also appeared on the network in order. In November 10th, the Association informed the network ordering takeout service experience survey results. The network canceled orders difficult, room service is not timely, health food security risks and other issues outstanding. Online experience, part of the platform can not cancel orders after a higher proportion of orders. The experience, 53.4% of the experience can not cancel orders. For businesses can not cancel the order, the reasons for the experience that the platform and businesses to refuse to consumers there are many unreasonable aspects. For example, Beijing experience staff experience "U.S.", the single only two minutes in the distribution of businesses in order to have dishes in the grounds, refused to retreat a single application; Wuhan experience staff experience "hungry" platform when the following businesses refused to retreat a single discount. At present, takeaway ordering can retreat, how long can a single single single, consumers choose the rights and obligations of the problem from a single interpretation by businesses unilateral, consumer has no right to speak. Businesses are often interpreted in accordance with the principle of self-interest, consumers are in a very passive and helpless position, rights are vulnerable to infringement. The reason for such a situation, mainly because of the "law" and other relevant network trading regulation, consumer protection laws and regulations without ordering the network from a single issue to make clear and specific provisions, whether the operator to perform its obligations, or consumer rights, or regulatory authorities are based on the lack of supervision. Takeaway ordering chargeback belongs to the right to choose the category, generally speaking, consumers have the right to return a single meal, but belongs to the food, perishable, and custom properties, if the meal has been made or produced, consumers from a single meal, may be difficult to sell again, operators will suffer some losses. I think that the network belongs to the "consumer law" ordering exceptions to the provisions of article twenty-fifth online shopping goods seven days no reason to return, can’t let consumers have no reason, no effect of unconditional withdrawal, but can not be completely by the merchants say. The network ordering can not be returned, when can return, how to return the argument has a unified rules, unified standard and clear, which requires the legislature to further improve the law, establish rules, or explain, with the network ordering the rights and obligations of relevant details are considered clear, including. The network ordering just unfolding, the market has great potential for development, the network ordering concerns the interests of consumers, but also for the interests of operators, in the process of rapid development of the network ordering market, the law should follow, should be able to meet the market development needs, to meet consumer demand, so that consumers can have confidence in the consumer mind, then, the operators are not self willed.相关的主题文章: