The people of Wuhan yesterday so students spend the mid autumn painting lotus root folder homesickne chompoo araya

The people of Wuhan yesterday so students spend the mid autumn painting lotus root folder homesickness Wuhan different students "painting lotus" homesickness in September 15th, Wuchang Institute of College of art and design visual communication big 3 students Pan Li in the circle of friends painted a group from his hometown in Jiangsu Yangzhou mid autumn delicacy "Lotus clip" and taro, causing many places students resonance. "Two years did not go home for the Mid Autumn Festival, I want to eat lotus root clip home"". It is reported that 4 roommates Pan Li, only one student is Wuhan ya, the rest are from other provinces. When Pan Li found out that because of differences between the north and the south, in addition to Wuhan roommate, the remaining two people have never heard of "Lotus clip", "whim painting" Lotus clip "to look at the way to my roommate," snack "." Pan Li said with a smile. "Wuhan University, Hubei also took the" lotus root folder ", the taste is somewhat similar, but miss the taste of home." Wu Tianxiang sent to Xinjiang, Tibet students moon cake yesterday, the national moral model of the more than 1 thousand and 100 boxes of moon cake will be good at their own expense, sent to East Lake high school classes in Xinjiang, Tibet middle school children’s hands. He this surrogate parents will also be 4 Xinjiang, Tibet students to bring home, please eat, give each person a pair of new shoes. This is the seventh year in a row to Wu Tianxiang in Xinjiang, Tibet children send moon cakes, the same degree of mid autumn festival. High speed rail on the opening of the party, and passengers to spend the Mid Autumn Festival yesterday, from Wuhan to Shenzhen on the north of the G77 train, the passengers had a chance to harvest the passenger section of the cabin crew carefully prepared for another mid autumn festival. Dance, song, interactive games…… Wonderful program makes the whole car like a happy ocean. Every important festival, the Wuhan passenger section of Wuhan EMU will organize a talented crew composed of performing teams, to the car and passengers to celebrate the festival. Zoo benefits, monkeys eat moon cake festival yesterday, the Wuhan zoo invited 15 children, under the guidance of a nutritionist, according to a specific formula for primates to create a different moon cake". More than 10 o’clock in the morning, a nutritionist with the children of the "mind", came to the golden hall, hall for golden monkey, monkey species, macaque, Macaca thibetana feeding the moon cake. (Wuhan Morning News) the company issued a long haired hair moon moon cake employees complained that the leadership to eat"相关的主题文章: