The protection of cultural relics as less left brick of regret e2140

The protection of cultural relics left when less regret "to the ancient brick rules, open their own dough," cultural relics protection not only for human beings left nostalgic thoughts. In the palace in the collection of artifacts on display in the land of the heritage, writing in the ancient text are alive, the premise is the fear, is the basis of protection. This year is the 650 anniversary of founding of the city wall in Nanjing, Nanjing has established a special fund for the protection of city walls, collaboration and social forces, to protect. In November 14th, the Nanjing city wall protection fund will be held since the establishment of the first public welfare activities, will provide the Ming City Wall scattered or effective clues to the public, will receive varying amounts, the highest reward of 2000 yuan. The walls of the city are historical. Nanjing city wall construction, mobilized 152 counties in 5 provinces, a total of 280 thousand migrant workers, the number of firing up to 350 million pieces of brick walls. Take water, the mighty historical time, there are also scattered bricks. Today, the government guidance, corporate investment, public participation, joint care of the city’s cultural heritage. Rewarded under or benefit, not for each engraved historical memory bricks can find the way home, collecting wall activity itself is a positive energy drum, at least let city know cherish their heritage. If the green mountains and rivers is nostalgic rely on, so beautiful is the mirror of the national cultural relics of nostalgia. These years, urbanization singing all the way, the protection of cultural relics in the transition period is also facing the business development and public welfare protection, plow reconstruction and repair the old as old as many contradictions and disputes, some cultural relics in the annihilation of the building economy, some remains dressed as a welcoming nightclub. Taking Shandong as an example, according to statistics, in the past 20 years, the province has 1600 disappearance of immovable cultural relics, of which more than half destroyed all types of construction activities. And so on. Until now, there is still a "Fujian provincial cultural relic protection units into the hotel, visit the controversial public inconvenience" and other news, Gesanchawu public eye pain. One side is a sign of bricks, while dressed as a hotel, probably at the moment is like this security situation and. To sum up, the significance of cultural relics, can be roughly divided into three categories: one is the historical nihilism fearless ignorance, blink of an eye in the market is two ashes to ashes; logic mercenary, money machine can not be converted into hate without closing; three is in an area of the king’s enclosure in the game, a private garden or department the. All the so-called "routine", is behind the eight words: Law, protection. The third national cultural relics census data show that the country registered a total of 766722 immovable cultural relics, of which nearly 1/4 of the current situation of cultural relics worrying. Faced with such a situation, all levels of protection work has not stopped. In early 1982, the protection of cultural heritage will be written into the constitution, and "cultural relics law" has been revised several times more unhistorical work set the bottom line. However, still be the old saying goes, "the law itself is difficult to" farce and tragedy in the cultural relic protection is not uncommon. This once again illustrates a truth: heritage conservation is a systematic project, from artifacts to monuments, from legislation to law enforcement, from the city to the public…… One can not be less, no one can not be missing. "The rules, open their own dough, newspaper相关的主题文章: