The Quality Of Your Social Media Influence-kaya scodelario

Internet-and-Business-Online Twitter followers. Ashton Kutcher has 5.4 million of them. Shaquille O’Neal has 3 million of them. Felicia Day has 1.7 million of them. Wait, who was that last one? Unless you are plugged into all manner of things nerdy you may have never heard of Felicia Day. But millions of people around the world have. They admire her and her work. A self-proclaimed geek hit the mother lode of niche markets by being honest with who she was and what she loves. And the nerds of the world loved her for it. A young woman who loves videos games, science fiction, and produces her own web series is a shining example of someone who used social media properly. And how being honest about her passions helped get here there. It’s easy for someone to tell you how many Facebook friends or fans they have, how deep their LinkedIn network goes, or how many Twitter followers they have. But the true measure of that success isn’t just a number, it’s about the quality of your followers and friends and why the decided to support your social media endeavors in the first place. Many people still don’t quite grasp the true power of Twitter. It isn’t just another medium for advertising. It’s not a tool for talking "at" people. It’s talking to people, and them talking back. It’s not a private instant messaging service but it is not a chat room. On any given day, I will receive at least a few more up-to-date news headlines from the people I follow on Twitter than I do from news sites. Those people then might share with me photos from the set of the movie they are filming, ask about what web hosting you might re.mend, or give you additional information about their latest web .ic. Twitter is about engaging the populace. And unfortunately it is not a tool that is meant to be used to make a single tweet and then log off without a second thought until you feel like you want to tweet again. If individuals wanted that kind of interaction they would stick with your blog or website. It’s important to remember that people know whether you are truly looking to interact with them or if you are merely using them as a vessel for advertising. The more your followers feel like there is a real person on the other end of your account the more likely they are to share your tweets with their other friends and followers. And that is the best kind of social media influence. People who are openly engaging with you and your content as opposed to blind accounts who have never actually sent out a tweet or solely created an account because someone told them to one time. This extends beyond Twitter as well. Responding to .ments on Facebook, posting on industry-related forums, and leaving blog .ments are all methods you can use to engage with your readers and extend your influence within the .munity. Too often people forget that part of using Social Media is actually being social. No matter how great your service or product might be, there are not people just waiting out in the magic world of the Inter. to read about it our buy it. They need to be sold, convinced, and friendshipped. Imagine a conference related to your field of expertise. Having the best product and sitting in a corner of the room is no way to generate leads or sales. You would engage with people, shake their hands, learn their names, and find out what they do. The same is true online, although you can avoid the sweaty and clammy handshakes you were guaranteed to receive from some people. Just remember, the old adage "Quality over Quantity" translates beautifully over to social media. You want people engaged and interested in you and what you do. Felicia Day may have 1.7 million people following her on Twitter, but if none of them ever actually used Twitter they would be worth less than one follower who used the service daily. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: