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"Spirit" is Peng Yuchang Wang Bowen in world view trailer exposure battle – Sohu   entertainment is the spirit ";" poster     urban network "is the spirit of heroic fantasy drama" by the Sohu and Sohu entertainment news video billion odd CO produced entertainment today exposed the world outlook and poster notice. The war generation idol Peng Ling Shi Yuchang incarnation together with Sun Xuening, Wang Bowen is the spirit for domineering, sincere to the meat of the wonderful fighting to let users hooked. With the main characters appear in turn, intensification of the contradictions of the trade unions, the two day government organization, "is the spirit" show the world view is also beginning to take shape. Since the pilot episode aired "is the spirit" popularity soared, revealing new notice is to let the audience looking forward to the follow-up story.   Yan Li   gun weight munechika Peng Yuchang Wang Bowen; little pill "is the spirit of" domineering war world view formed in the trailer, always stay in the Yuchang Peng Ling incarnation adorable image division Momin, in order to find the missing father and inflammation is the spirit of heavy gun Li conclude the contract, but was involved in a continuous the millennium is the spirit in the battle. Although the future is uncertain, but he still firmly forward. A domineering: "I will do it" is a trailer to a climax. And, during the day also is a Luo Mo in a major bright spot, the high IQ is the overbearing president "was used, and embarked on the road of love to kill brother. The big role reversal also let fans in front of a bright.   Nine Songs "jade Jane is the spirit" not only in the portrayal of the characters under the foot, also based on the establishment of a solid and complete new world outlook, with the trade unions, Jiuqing throws notice Zhongtian organization idea, intense fighting and stand between the two quite distinct from each other "is" the spirit of the organization framework the world view of the early embryo. The phrase "shield, is to protect their love of people is to point out the theme – – fight for love. The fight is sincere to the meat of the scramjet "spirit" sequel to boot continue wonderful   100 magic blade wind can see is now in martial arts under the condition of "crudely made, is the spirit" by showing the wonderful fight scene is abnormal. On the day between the Union and the big Jiuqing Qunjia, or one-on-one confrontation between the protagonists, can make people feel the real sense of the kind of meat. The secret is derived from the director of the effect of almost harsh requirements. It is understood that "before shooting" is the spirit has been arranged for all actors from a period of martial arts training, after shooting a shooting action repeated 20 times more homely food is. Believe that conscience produced under the presentation of burning fight scenes will bring the audience a different kind of visual experience.   void Hemacandra   Huang mu Ningyu breakthrough with dimension wall story settings and delicate effects and fight, "is the spirit" in the pilot episode aired after they gather a high popularity. The spirit is cast in October 20th sequel follow up a victory with hot pursuit, in Beijing. Not only all the actors Peng Yuchang, Sun Xuening and other major roles in the first quarter of regression, Chen Jing, Zhu Jian more small meat join. At the same time on the basis of the first quarter, the second quarter.相关的主题文章: