The state-owned forest farm of Anhui a The whole army was wiped out. – Sohu News-ratatouille

Anhui Shitai three state-owned forest farm leaders – The whole army was wiped out. Sohu news [editor’s note] in February 12, 2016, the Anhui Provincial Commission for discipline inspection official website published the Chizhou Municipal Committee and Secretary Chao Xin signed article "Discipline Inspection Notes: a heavy paper". In this paper, Chao new mention of Shitai county forestry system corruption case. Shitai County under the jurisdiction of Chizhou is located in South Anhui, which belongs to the national key counties for poverty alleviation and development work, and forestry is the "ecological county" development strategy highlights. More than ten years, the county deputy magistrate in charge of forestry in 3, county forestry director adjusted 4, of which a state-owned forest appeared without posting ten years. In the Commission for Discipline Inspection in Shitai County, only three state-owned forest "leaders" are The whole army was wiped out. alleged serious violation of the law. At the end of December 2015 day, Shitai county responsible comrades to find me, specially the case investigated the case report to me. After 2 months of investigation, a clue inspection teams transferred to the county of the provincial Party committee, have a more satisfactory results. Ordinarily of clues for verification, text, as a result, this is a good thing, but with this answer, my mood has become quite heavy. The first problem is one of accounting clues reflect Shitai County State in Longshan Forest Farm suspected of violations of financial discipline, but investigators in the investigation found that the forest has since 2004, more than a dozen years without posting. Financial management is such a mess, there must be a tricky, in subsequent in-depth investigation, some serious disciplinary problems have surfaced in the forest director Hu Guohua. At the end of October, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection to take measures on the "two rules". However, this thing does not come to an end. According to the briber daimou confessed, near xianyushan farm director Tong Tianzhu, County Forestry Bureau of state-owned forest management unit is responsible for the election week have to check. In late December, under the pressure of investigating the case, Huang Sha Keng director Xu Xinan to the Forest County Commission for discipline inspection relating problems. At this point, Shitai county only three state-owned forest "leaders" are all The whole army was wiped out. alleged serious violation of the law. Shitai county is located in South Anhui, only 120 thousand people, belonging to the national key counties for poverty alleviation and development work, the economy is relatively backward, but the ecological environment is good, and Anhui’s two famous "Mount Jiuhua", "Mount Huangshan" on the forest coverage rate reached more than 80%, is the forestry ecological county development strategy highlights. In this context, the forestry system but such corruption case, worthy of our consideration! Hu Guohua and others as directors in state owned forest farm, this should be the "Ranger", it becomes a "borer", long-term procurement, accepting wood cutting rights entrusted property auction companies, repeated illegal taking of project funds to set up small Treasuries, even against crime, investigation and treatment period was still taking bribes, they are reckless? More than ten years, the county deputy magistrate in charge of forestry in 3, county forestry director adjusted 4, but lack of grassroots clean government supervision and guidance, the three state-owned forest farm finance has never been audited, so that long-term do not account such mistakes, until the incident didn’t)

安徽石台三家国有林场一把手全军覆没-搜狐新闻  【编者按】2016年2月12日,安徽省纪委官网上刊登了池州市委常委、纪委书记晁新的署名文章《纪检人手记:一份沉重的答卷》。文章中,晁新提到石台县林业系统的腐败窝案。   池州下辖的石台县地处皖南边陲,属于国家级扶贫开发工作重点县,而林业是其“生态立县”发展战略的重头戏。十几年间,该县分管林业的副县长换了3任,县林业局长调整了4个,其中一家国有林场却出现了十几年没有做过账的情况。在纪委介入后,石台县仅有的三个国有林场“一把手”全军覆没,皆涉嫌严重违纪违法。   2015年12月底的一天,石台县有关负责同志找到我,专门就案件查办情况向我汇报。   经过2个多月的调查取证,省委巡视组移交给县里的一个问题线索,有了较为圆满的结果。按说对问题线索进行核查,立了案,有了结果,这是好事,但拿着这份答卷,我的心情却变得颇有些沉重。   问题线索最初反映是石台县国有中龙山林场的一个会计涉嫌违反财经纪律,但是办案人员在调查中发现该林场居然自2004年以来,十几年间没有做过账。如此混乱的财务管理,其中必有猫腻,在随后的深入调查中,该林场场长胡国华一些严重违纪问题陆续浮出水面。10月底,县纪委对其采取了“两规”措施。   然而,事情到此并没告一段落。   根据行贿人戴某交待,不久仙寓山林场场长童天柱、县林业局国有林管理股负责人查选周相继到案。12月下旬,迫于案件查办的压力,黄沙坑林场场长徐新安主动到县纪委交代有关问题。至此,石台县仅有的三个国有林场“一把手”全军覆没,全部都涉嫌严重违纪违法。   石台县地处皖南边陲,人口只有12万,属于国家级扶贫开发工作重点县,经济相对落后,但生态环境好,和安徽的两大名山“九华山”、“黄山”接壤,森林覆盖率高达到80%以上,林业是其“生态立县”发展战略的重头戏。在这样的背景下,林业系统却发生这样的腐败窝案,值得我们深思呀!   胡国华等人作为国有林场场长,本应是“护林者”,却变成“蛀木虫”,长期收受木材采购商、采伐权委托拍卖公司的财物,屡次违规套取项目资金设立“小金库”,甚至顶风作案,被调查处理期间仍然收受贿赂,他们是何其胆大妄为?   十几年间,该县分管林业的副县长换了3任,县林业局长调整了4个,却疏于对基层的党风廉政建设督促指导,三家国有林场财务从未进行过审计,以致长期不做帐这样的低级错误,直至案发都没察觉,他们落实主体责任的担当精神何在?   据了解,反映有关问题的信访多次递送至市、县林业主管部门以及纪检监察机关,但都没有引起重视,或按照一般问题进行处理,或搞无原则的一团和气,听之任之,放任不管,他们履行监督责任的行动又体现在哪里?   由此可见,我们基层党风廉政建设基层依然薄弱,群众身边的“四风”和腐败问题依然突出,一些基层党员干部党纪国法意识淡薄,一些重要制度得不到落实执行,一些党务公开、政务公开流于形式等等问题,必须引起重视。   习近平总书记在中央纪委全会上指出,相对于远在天边的“老虎”,群众对近在眼前嗡嗡乱叫“蝇贪”的感受更为真切。“蝇贪”泛滥,其害如“虎”,必须重拳惩治,真正把反腐触角延伸到基层。   同时,我们还要认真剖析,敲响警钟,举一反三,引以为戒。于是,我要求宣传部门立即着手编写案例剖析,题目我也一并布置了,就叫《三个国有林场全军覆没的启示》。(作者系池州市委常委、纪委书记)相关的主题文章: