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Tianjin elementary school playground more than 10000 eggs put a smile in the end is to do? Egg base a round into the eyebrows, eyes and mouth, plus the green lawn background, is a huge smile. Today, a lot of people were placed on a playground in Tianjin, a primary school of 8 meters in diameter, the eye diameter of nearly 1 meters of the smiling face Meng Meng turned. More than 70 cartons of 1500 kilos of egg egg rose more than 10 thousand this smiling face is made up of more than 10 thousand egg. This egg is a love egg, which will be donated to the needy families in Tianjin. More than 30 volunteers in Tianjin city volunteer service team carefully designed this smiling face pattern, lovely people sprout. Some families invited children not as cheerful as a lark. 9 morning, a van full sent more than 70 cartons of 1500 kilos of egg, a primary school in Heping District of Tianjin city on the playground started smiling and assembled. The volunteers with a circle of facial contour into egg Horst round, we stoop, pick up the eggs, repeated egg pendulum movement, egg heaps more, gradually put the montreal. The lawn gradually revealed a bright smile. The reporter went on teaching the 3 floor overlooking the accumulated high, egg shape, a pattern image is composed of a "smiling face", especially a round egg round the "smiling face", the joy of soaring. Look at the "smiling face" beside a big thumbs up, more adorable. From 9 a.m. to noon put 12 more complete as everyone knows, there is an old saying "at stake", used to describe a very dangerous situation. Today, the modern version of the process is at stake in the signs of danger appearing everywhere. All know that these have left the egg egg easy pengsui, so we take the egg when gently, all eyes staring at the egg, an egg will be carefully placed in another egg. I do not know who shouted: "be careful at the foot, accidentally fell wrestle on the broken!" Because of the "project" is vast, from 9 in the morning to noon more than 12 completed. The children love to decorate the "smiling face" and "thumb", is the first in knots sitting together, with a brush on the egg painted on the shapes of faces and "face", "big face" becomes more interesting, a lot of "Miao Miao volunteer" volunteers still filled with blessings of egg for each language, send a difficult family blessing, then the vertebral shaped tip hat, Jack-O-Lantern various Halloween trinkets, gave the "smiling face" sell adorable dress. Eggs will be donated to 60 poor, special families and nursing home volunteer team, the person in charge: we set up this special smile for the children of the poor family, is to let the children happy. Tomorrow is Halloween, so combined with the theme of the holiday elements, and happy ‘smile’ against each other." But see children wearing an orange and blue wizard cloak funny clothing, go together to put on a happy face shape, the "smiling face" a pair of "eyes" is the children Wai, with children their own faces matched, to see from the sky, also let a person could not handsome.相关的主题文章: