To participate in the race named after the female runner ahead of 8 place to win second points-clonecd

What is the feeling of winning a second – point win for Julie, who was named after the ancestors, to win the title of the game that was named after her family? In October 23rd, Harden Field in New Jersey held a "Jonas cartel to commemorate the 10 mile run" of the game, the game is in memory of a local revolutionary war hero, he used to send messages like Paul Revere for his fellow citizens of their athletic ability. In 1777, only ten year old Jonas ran 10 miles (about 16.1km) across New Jersey from the city in the forest zone, warning people to his countrymen Hesse is coming. His warning the Americans have time to fully prepare defense, and beat the German mercenaries in the battle of red bank. In October 23rd, at the forty-seventh Jonas cartel Memorial, the 10 mile run, the memorial was performed in an extraordinary manner. Among the 191 contestants, there was a player named Julie, who was the granddaughter of the tenth generation of Jonas! She showed her ability to be a member of the Cattell family – a 1 – hour, 4 – minute – time lead to the women ‘s top 8 – minute advantage in the women’ s top second place in the race to the top of the women’s championship at the end of the season. The 35 year old Julie currently lives in California San Diego, but she is in the southern New Jersey was born and grew up in Texas. Like most children, with age, she also began to care about the ancestors. "I know a little, but I moved to Texas when I was in high school, so I don’t know much about my ancestors." It was not until 2008 that Julie got married and started running. "I got my last name." At the same time, the memories of the hero ancestors also came back. When she learned that there was a match for Jonas, she decided to fly back to the east. "This is a way of self respect and enjoy my ancestors and glory." She said. For the first time, Julie had to finish the last 2 miles (about 3.22km). "I just started running." She said jokingly. But as with the coach training, her running potential ever was dug out. Her performance has improved rapidly and has now won the tournament for 6 consecutive years. Of course, Julie is not only the "war of independence" by Fede Pitts Jonas with runners – Jim – plug is southern New Jersey local top runners, last year he was dressed in knee breeches and stockings clothing — won the game. (he said that the "eighteenth Century compression stockings socks.") Jim, 55, took part in Sunday’s game. Despite the opening injury, he ran into the top 20 with a score of 1 hours, 11 minutes and 47 seconds – and was still wearing the suit. "It’s fun to wear that dress." But Jim did not wear the old boots. Jonas was wearing the exact time, even what he has done, is still controversial. According to legend, he was a 18 – year – old blacksmith shop apprentice, but also running at the same time, at the same time, he is still running in the same time, he is still running at the age of 9. He and the rest of the young people were being attacked by the Americans相关的主题文章: