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Real-Estate You already know that there are real estate agents and realtors who will buy your ugly house. But why would these people buy ugly houses in the Dallas, Texas area? Here are some reasons why: 1.The city of Dallas has a debt of gratitude to the hit TV series by the same name, which gave it a great reputation among people who would be ignorant about the city otherwise. This is partly why Dallas was able to sustain a thriving economy during the 1990s when other parts of the US were going into economic shock. Dallas is now considered one of the prime real estate locations in the entire US. 2.Dallas has artificial lakes distributed throughout its jurisdiction which allow families and individuals to enjoy their day taking part in various activities both in the water and on its perimeter. 3.There are quite a few ethnic groups that have made Dallas their home. As of year 2000 census, around half were Caucasians, and 25.9% were African Americans. The remaining percentage of the population was distributed among other ethnic groups like the Pacificians, Asians, and Native Americans. 4.The cost of living is quite low here considering the high market price of real estate. In fact, around 12 billionaires live in the Dallas area (most of them concentrated in the Preston Hollow, North Dallas region). This has put Dallas on the map as the 8 th Top City in the World based on number of billionaires. 5.Dallas is a hub for the high-tech industries, and is now called the Silicon Prairie of the US. The biggest employment centers in the US for these industries can be found in Dallas. It even has a Tele. Corridor where the major tele. .panies Alcatel, Southwestern Bell, Ericson and Nortel have based their operations along a three-mile strip. 6.The growth of the Dallas economy is fueled by the manufacturing, electronics, and high-tech industries mostly. This allows many people to take advantage of job opportunities so that their standard of living can improve. This is also why many people are moving into Dallas. Okay, so that may have convinced you that your ugly home in Dallas is located in a very good economic base right now. But why would anyone buy it when it is so ugly? Good question. 1.Your ugly home may still have some life in it – meaning, it may not be as bad as you think. With a bit of imagination and knowledge of structure and design, as well as an adequate budget, the buyer who snatches up your ugly home may be able to bring out the potential that you just didn’t have the funds to bring out yourself. 2.The buyer then has two options – he can either sell your previously ugly home to another person or family and make a tidy profit; or he can opt to live in it himself. Either way, you have the satisfaction of knowing your ugly home is now a beautiful showpiece that has gained a second lease on life and is being taken cared of. 3.If your ugly home is truly dilapidated and has no more use as a livable residence, then it can still be sold piecemeal for its .ponents that other people may find value in. You might be surprised that that chandelier you thought too gaudy for words is considered a masterpiece by others who will have it re-finished and maybe hung in a ballroom or bar somewhere in Dallas. Or perhaps the stair balluster is so ornate that someone will have it installed on their own staircase. There is always hope while there is life – and that holds true even for ugly houses in Dallas. Think big as all Texans do and you may wind up with a fair profit when you sell your ugly house in Dallas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: