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Western media exposure Alibaba for Barcelona chest sponsorship PK Japanese companies in the United States Jersey Jersey chest sponsor who will spend it? Sina sports news, according to local media in Catalonia, the world sports news reported that China’s Alibaba from the company, joined the battle against Barcelona Jersey chest sponsorship. "World sports daily" published an article titled: "may finally be Barcelona (Jersey chest) sponsor of the enterprise name, reported that Barcelona and Qatar Airlines Jersey chest sponsored cooperation will expire in 2017, shortly before the Barcelona membership meeting, responsible for marketing vice president Mannel – Arroyo he hinted recently will be finalized a new sponsor. Reported that Barcelona will this week (14 at the beginning of this week) to finalize the new sponsors, in addition to the original sponsor of Qatar Airways, there are three potential sponsors, are Japan Lotte Co., the U.S. Amazon, as well as from China enterprise Alibaba. Reported that Lotte has basically been Barcelona to give up, and Amazon is still in negotiations, but progress in the negotiations between the two sides is not smooth. For Alibaba, "sports world" specifically refers to the past "double eleven Shopping Festival", "Alibaba created a world record, also referred to as the Alibaba platform Beckham couple, Scarlett Johnson and Kobe and other stars. In addition, the world also said that Alibaba is preparing to enter the European market, they want to set up branches in Barcelona and madrid. For the rumors and Alibaba, the world body said Barcelona has neither admitted nor denied. Finally, the world body also mentioned that in Barcelona, there is a voice that can continue to cooperate with Qatar Airlines, but the premise is to match the highest price card airlines. (Echo)相关的主题文章: