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Arts-and-Entertainment Levi jeans have been around for decades. It is one of the most prolific brands when it .es to denim clothing. Over the years, denims have gone from being worn only by workers to be.ing a fashion must-have as well as a preferred clothing item for everyday wear. Till today, it is a brand preferred to many others when it .es to jeans. They .e in all price ranges and in a variety of styles and fits. They are available in boot cut, relaxed, slim, regular and loose fits. They are so versatile that they can be worn anywhere from the office to construction sites while being fashionable enough to be worn on night-outs and parties. Quality and .fort is what Levis is famous for. Most Schuhe can be worn with denim pants but some styles look better than others. While selecting footwear to go with the pants, you need to consider the style and fit of the pants, what type of shirt you are wearing and the overall look you are trying to create. You can pair your denims with a pair of loafers for a casual look. However, for a dressier look, wear a pair of formal Schuhe with a button-down shirt. This look is appropriate for any occasion. For a casual yet professional look, you can opt for boat Schuhe. Pairing gym-style sneakers with jeans is a no-no. It is an old-fashioned style and looks sloppy. Instead, you can wear a pair of street-style sneakers instead. These are more fashionable and needless to say, look much better. You can find these in suede and leather with Velcro closures or lace-ups. You can also wear Converse lace-up Schuhe, which are great for any casual look you want. Boots always look great with denims, so you can wear them together. Work boots should be avoided unless you are really at work. Chocolate or beige suede boots with a suede, leather or corduroy jacket is a great look for men. For a casual summer look, you can wear sandals or flip-flops. You can pair many styles of jeans with these. When wearing this look, you need to make sure your jeans barely touch the ground, otherwise you will end up looking sloppy and you will damage your hems. A pair of espadrilles can give this look a bit more appeal. You can team them up with a linen or light cotton shirt. No matter which look you are sporting, make sure you are .fortable and wear it with confidence. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: