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Fashion-Style In the views of western countries, white means holy and innocent. And the brides are holy when they wear white wedding dresses on the wedding day. But in Chinese traditional customs, white means unlucky. It is a bamboo that anybody wears white clothes on the wedding day. However, many people change their traditional ideas with the development of society, and they accept the views of western countries that it is holy that the brides wear white wedding dresses in marriage. Now it is popular that the brides wear white wedding dresses on the wedding. So a large number of girls wear wedding dresses on the wedding. As we all know, the wedding day is the most significant day during a girls life. Each girl has a dream of marriage. They are the most beautiful brides in the world on the wedding day, just like the princesses in fairy tales. What do princesses wear? The answer is wedding dresses. It is so beautiful that a girl wears bridesmaid. Some girls think they are beautiful and elegant when they wear wedding dresses. It is a reason for some girls wearing wedding dresses on the wedding. Wedding is an important milestone in a girls life. More and more girls want to find a feeling of marriage, but they cant catch it with so much matters of wedding ceremony. But they are joy and exciting when girls wear wedding dresses. So they put on wedding dresses on the wedding day. Many girls only have one chance to put on wedding dress, and wearing wedding dresses is a fresh experience. Girls are willing to try new things. In addition, wearing wedding dress is a part of memory in their happy marriage. Now growing number of girls choose to wear wedding dresses on the wedding day. It is a fashion that the brides wear nice wedding dresses on the wedding. They are happy and exciting when they wear wedding dresses on the wedding ceremony. And they will remember the day forever. It is no wonder to see that the girls devote so much time and patience in putting together a wedding, especially in the choosing of the wedding dress. It is a time for them to realize the dream of becoming the princess which has been dreamed of for so many years since they were in their childhood. However the wedding tradition has changed a lot buy now. The color for wedding dress is not only the pure white, many other colors like ivory white, pink , yellow , and even red are added into the design for wedding dresses. And many kinds of styles are available now for the bride-to-be to choose from. Its easy to find your favored wedding dress. If theres not one that you love, you can contact a designer and get a designer wedding dress provided that you can afford the price. From these reasons, we can draw a conclusion that one of the most common factors is that girls want to be the most beautiful brides. And some other reasons, such as girls want to find the feeling of marriage, girls have a happy memory about the wedding day. And girls realize their dreams through wedding dresses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: