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Marriage-Wedding STAY SNUG THIS WINTER WITH QUEEN BEE MATERNITY BASICS Each year, with the arrival of winter, .es the desire for yummy hot food, sleeping in and relaxed clothing. Well, even more relaxed than normal that is. Winter is all about .fort. And sometimes we don’t want to even leave the house. Looking good, especially while you’re pregnant, may feel like a distant memory. But never fear. Even though you may not be able to sleep in every day of the week, for all you working gals, as well as those full-time mothers out there, here at Queen Bee we can certainly suggest some fun, fantastic maternity wear .binations which are super warm, super chic and super .fy. Let’s start with the basics. There are a few key items which you should have in your wardrobe and which should see you through the often difficult process of dressing for two and keeping warm at the same time. You simply won’t be able to get through this winter’s pregnancy without some maternity clothes (like a few pairs of stretchy leggings for example). Leggings are a really fantastic item to use throughout winter. They stretch to fit your changing body shape, they are lovely and warm (I sometimes wear them under maternity jeans in winter for added warmth and .fort) and you can dress them up with heels, or down with boots. Best of all, you can layer leggings. Try one of the lovely Queen Bee maternity tops with boots and a scarf for a fresh and breezy winter look. Team it with some chunky jewellery and head off to the park for some me time. Embrace the fresh air; get some wind on your cheeks, secure in the knowledge you can head back home to a nice hot cuppa. And if you’re heading out to work, throw on one of the Queen Bee maternity work wear cardigans and a jacket, for a softly sophisticated office look. Winter is all about layering, so get stuck in and mix’n’match. For those of you who can’t live without your jeans, Queen Bee has a range of fabulous maternity jeans in different styles to suit each body shape. Try a straighter cut if you’re slim through the hips, and for those of you who share my curvier figure, opt for the bootleg cut. This will lengthen your leg and balance out the widest part of your body, your hips, in a softly flattering way. And of course, all of our maternity jeans rate high on the .fort factor. Match your jeans with any one of our knits from the nursing wear or maternity wear section, add a chunky homespun scarf or funky woollen hat and you’re ready, steady, go. Another item to get you through the winter is any of our classic maternity dresses. Pick something in a knee-length shift style and in a dark block colour (this tends to suit almost any figure). You can wear this over leggings as a tunic, or over stockings if you want to stay warm and get stylish. You can even wear your shift dress over a crisp white man’s shirt with a blazer. The possibilities are endless; with a little clever accessorizing, and the right choice, a Queen Bee maternity dress can see you from the am to the pm and from casual to glam. Queen Bee’s maternity clothing is all about providing you with a range of stylish and .fortable basics that aims to see you through any occasion this winter. And remember if you feel good, chances are you’ll also be looking good – with that pregnant glow’ people always talk about. So .fort is key! Until next time, stay warm. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: