Xiamen 570 police adult red light running 17 hours the evacuation of thousands of residents cagliari exchange

Xiamen 570 police adult red light running 17 hours the evacuation of thousands of residents in Xiamen Network – Haixi morning news (morning news reporter Chen Xiaobin Sha Gongxuan correspondent) "Meranti" after the traffic facilities damaged, many crossings without traffic lights. These two days, Xiamen police dispatched a police force of 570 people, in the place where the 89 lights have not been repaired as a human traffic light, with the command of life traffic. On the other hand, full maintenance of traffic equipment, are wildly beating gongs and drums are…… At 18:45 yesterday, police Guo Cheng was wearing a sweat soaked clothes, back to the squadron carolyn. Up to that time, he has served as a continuous traffic lights for nearly 7 hours. He and his colleagues together, with body movements, in order to get the intersection traffic flow orderly. He became a human traffic light is the traffic police squadron director Guo Cheng Jialian, he directs traffic location, at the junction of North Hubin Road and Lin Yue Road. "The fallen trees let Lin Yue Road from 6 lanes to 2 lanes, traffic capacity decreased, if no one to divert traffic junctions, unable to digest." Guo said, "the sun at noon, the intersection of large traffic flow." Yesterday at the beginning of 12, Guo achievement at the beginning of the intersection directing traffic, he stood in the middle of the intersection for gesture command, 4 other officers are guarded by an intersection, maintains the site traffic order. 7 hours in a row, Guo Chengdu in the sun to do the seemingly dull gesture command, until 18:45 yesterday, after the traffic lights at the junction of repair, he was relieved to leave. After work, he was sweating, soaked. As early as in the "Meranti" before landing, Guo received notice achievement against typhoon, and immediately entered the 24 hours on duty status. "The typhoon that night, I love a person at home, afraid, I can only call her, ask her to shut up, do not go out." "Meranti" landed more than 3 hours later, the day a little brighter, Guo achievement immediately clear, has been working to more than 10 points that night. Guo said that his car was damaged in the typhoon, the front windshield broken, fender dented. "After a period of time to repair, it is not urgent." Guo Cheng said casually. 570 people on the road command Guo Cheng is not a person. "Meranti" landing after the day before yesterday, a police in the rain on the road, waiting at the traffic light damage to the intersection, traffic traffic. At the same time, another group of police on the road wrecker. It is understood that at present the city road repair work is still in progress, the main roads have been restored to traffic, traffic gradually increased. The traffic police department dispatched 570 passengers, police in the Lake Road intersection, Xiahe road Lian Yue Lake first pier, Jiahe Avenue intersection 89 lights is not fixed place, rain to carry out artificial traffic. Especially at night, because some sections no lights, no traffic lights, they wear reflective vests, risking their lives in the traffic vehicles command station. Reporters on the scene found that a police whistle while command, telephone communication and colleagues question, obviously could hear his voice already hoarse..相关的主题文章: