You are the kind of person who doesn’t want to disturb others

You are the kind of people who do not want to disturb others to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: push ten point reading time of the 1 night before the finished article, Tufaqixiang to see it again "golden age". Is already 1 in the morning, I took a picture sent to the circle of friends, after a long time, not to contact a friend sent a message: you are looking at the? I’m looking good. Well, I said, where have you been? He replied, just watched ten minutes. I said, oh, me too. So, nearly three hours of film we are equal to WeChat mutual brush barrage, while the narrator and the picture analysis Tucao movie, while talking about Xiao Hong’s past. After the movie has four points, we’re still not to chat, talk about their situation, talking about work and life. I suddenly found that if I haven’t chatted with friends so. I got out of bed and water, hear the tone of the mobile phone, quickly picked up the mobile phone, a friend said, it is a long time not to talk so carefree. I laughed, and we still have a tacit understanding ah, but also thought to go together. Friends say, yes, before the kind of feeling every day chatting shuapinzui days are here again. I say we’re all the same. After a few friends reply, yes, is the kind of person who does not like to disturb others. 2 you must have this experience, we and some people live, is from warm to lopsided. Take WeChat group, when a new group is established, we are particularly active, hate every day to chat in there for four or five hours, all the friends add all group members, together with scraper, grab a red envelope, hair piece, enjoyable. Over a period of time, the group will be quiet, occasionally there are people talking will not take a ride, then don’t care group chat, just before the opening, see the chat brush two. After the brush even do not want to brush, so that the red point quietly remind themselves every day, and then one day, gently Click to delete the exit. Most of the time, you and a lot of people will soon be familiar with, and also a lot of people quickly strange. Boring, boring, meaningless. We are often in the face of group chat when the latter half of the idea, and those who have been through the group of friends, and finally become a zombie users. Some time ago I went to see her there are too many packets themselves through group chat with friends, watching the face and name are particularly strange, there are a lot of people in my circle of friends, see is a thin line. Then it took more than half an hour to delete one, some will think of it once seemed to have talked about, some simple greetings, and some, really just a place to occupy the position of a stranger WeChat friends. Most of the time, we are strangers, acquaintances, friends, friends of the limited division is particularly obvious, but sometimes vaguely do not know. The familiar stranger 3 to remove the group of strangers, in the face of friends, I am also a bit of a strange person. Arguably, their identity, understanding of many different circles, the beginning is)相关的主题文章: