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UnCategorized Installation of ceramic tiles is not easiest thing to do especially when you are trying to do it all by yourself. There are some important factors to keep in mind when you installing the tiles. These factors like the properties of the adhesive material as well as how the grout lines are to be made and the grout material applied are very important for the installation. Here is my guide and tips to install the ceramic tiles correctly. The first and foremost is the selection of the tiles and that is the single most important factors how the tiles have to be installed. If you select the tiles which are not very small in size then it will take more effort and greater emphasis on the gradient. Similarly large tiles require another set of effort in terms of how to place them without disturbing the underneath adhesive material. Next and most important tip is that the surface on which you are trying to install the tiles has to be very much clean. Any small particle can mar the whole surface as well as can produce unevenness in the floor. So make sure to clean the surface a number of times. The other main thing is the adhesive as well the additive that we use in adhesive. The adhesive that you use has to proper in terms in of its setting properties. If it sets too early then you have an issue but also if it sets too late then it can cause other issues. If you are installing the tiles for the first time then make sure that you install the tiles very much with your own then you should use a adhesive which has slower thinset time. Also use a dark colored thinset if you need need gray or dark grout lines and use a light colored thinset if you want light gout lines. Use the additives which change the bonding properties of the adhesive. These additives also make the adhesive more fracture resistant. Initially latex was the additive that was used by nowadays more advanced materials is being used. Once you have cleaned the floor and applied the adhesive make sure that you use a floor warming sheet if you want the floor to be warm majority of the times. Then start installing the tiles and make sure that you have the level instrument to ensure the correct gradient. After the tiles are put on the adhesive then start making the grout lines and then allow the set tiles to be set. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: