Yun Zhi too hot the eye Hard advertisement will be made into a TV series t420s

"Yun Zhi" too hot the eye? Hard advertisement will be made into a TV series of TV drama placement is a basic means of reduce production costs, we occasionally see one or two ad when watching TV will not be too concerned about, after all, the producers are mixed to eat, long live understanding. However, if the placement of the ad in order to set aside the story, the real will be shot into the drama, it is to insult the audience iq. Recent hit "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi", some called "God" ads by netizens crazy Tucao, in the "58 city", there is a spread for hundreds of years old enterprise, and they were originally started to escort. 58? 58 city across the entire crew also don’t know is what drop head 39 Ganmaoling ", this medicine will be regarded as a rare treasure, all out a whoop and a holler: 39 human advertising or advertising actually" 39 Ganmaoling "the taste of God medicine early is not the first time involved in the film circle, and it already deeply the other hit series, such as the" Ode to joy ", the characters in the play as long as there is a headache and slight fever must drink 999"! Happy song you read the "Ode to joy" in addition to the five U. S. remember what? will not forget it. No matter the elite Fan Shengmei, Guan Juer, newcomer Qiu Yingying, their lack of clothes will think of"!…… It must have been three squirrels". Three squirrels? We look back to the domestic drama, there are a lot of people jump the play advertising, such as the "village of love" in a story, Xie Guangkun had a stroke, people rush to the hospital, but the sharp eyed netizens know, this is actually a sterility in hospital! Country love hospital infertility but these few play advertising is a pediatrician, the next stage of the two drama really advertisement will be made into a TV series. First of all, it is to say that we are well received, this drama has laid the status of the Gao Yuanyuan national goddess, but also hit a record of most of the TV drama implanted advertising: 22. Laundry detergent advertising everywhere. This white too obvious WCF braised beef noodles and forced Meng face hard advertising hilarious scene: a large chest, waist, buttocks, envy? Envious? This is the ad wants to know how to come? Besunyen drunk! The education not only has positive and negative advertising advertising. Some enterprises do not know what offended people cast, director specially arranged a drama as a black material: Black advertising this is embarrassing ah but now we cannot wage arrears "let’s get married" record has declared dead, another television show, "Youth", already broke the record. As a part of each episode 40 minutes of film and television works, has appeared in a total of more than and 40 ads. From the beginning of Zheng micro, beer advertising beer advertising is too rampant flooding: they also used beer bottles do: good bottle rack! Here’s the point, be prepared to laugh at you! Zheng Wei vacation home相关的主题文章: