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Zhejiang 1 men dressed as women are too ugly in prostitution alarm (Figure) men dressed as women are too ugly in prostitution had reported to the police, "she" tall, wearing a head shawl hair, has been "customer" abandon ugly trick prostitute, huff actually reported to the police. The Public Security Bureau of Wenzhou Wu Tian Ouhai district police station issued the transvestite prostitution case today, three men have been involved in administrative detention. The morning of October 6th, Da wearing a police station received the alarm, said in a hotel brawl. When we arrived found no fights, and the alarm daimou are suspected of prostitution." The police will then be daimou summoned to the police station. A women wearing a dress, wearing high-heeled shoes, he was admitted to the police prostitutes. However, the police household registration information shows that the 31 year old is wearing a man from Lishui, Qingtian. According to Dai said, "she" in the early hours of the morning by contact WeChat people nearby into a live downtown hotel in Cangnan men Yang, that can provide a service. The two sides agreed to the price of 300 yuan, with a taxi to Yang’s room. "Daimou to the room, found the room and friend Yang Wang and another Miss presence, asked the miss charges." The police, Yang found that other charges are far higher than their own, we proposed to increase the price to 500 yuan, while Yang but despise its ugly, denial of service. Daimou immediately threatened to alarm, but also to find someone to kill them, Yang et al have rushed out of the room. The police investigation, confirmed that Yang, Wang prostitution facts, respectively in the process of administrative detention for 12 days, 10 days. Daimou settled the price but did not provide services, if the circumstances are relatively minor, sentenced to 4 days of administrative detention. Because of wearing a claim to women, with the household registration information does not match, the police finally arrange the men and women of two law enforcement officers to check and confirm for the men to be put in prison. The law for same-sex compulsive behavior was not identified as rape, homosexual transactions constitute prostitution? Wenzhou Lvxie punishment committee deputy director Wang Qingshan introduced: prostitution of others refers to money, property for the media, an improper sexual relationship and not specific between heterosexual or homosexual behavior. The others also include male. Previously, Nanjing, Xining police have uncovered several homosexual prostitution case. As for masturbation service behavior, the current criminal law and relevant judicial interpretations were not clearly defined as criminal acts. In accordance with the principle of legality, such behavior is not a crime. However, this behavior was disrupting the order of social administration, has certain social harm, and by the relevant authorities according to law. Statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Source: palm Wenzhou client

浙江1男子扮女装卖淫被人嫌太丑 一怒之下报警(图) 男子扮女装卖淫被人嫌太丑 一怒之下报了警   “她”身材高挑,留着一头披肩短发,招嫖时却被“客户”嫌弃太丑,一怒之下竟报了警。温州瓯海区公安分局梧田派出所今天发布了这起男扮女装的卖淫案件,涉事的三名男子均已被行政拘留。   10月6日上午,梧田派出所接到戴某报警,称市区一酒店发生斗殴。“我们赶到时发现不存在斗殴情况,而报警人戴某却存在卖淫嫌疑。”民警随后将戴某传唤至派出所。戴某一身女装打扮,还穿着高跟鞋,向民警承认自己是卖淫女。然而,警方的户籍信息却显示,现年31岁的戴某是名男子,来自丽水青田。   据戴某称,当天凌晨“她”通过微信附近的人联系上入住在市区一酒店的苍南男子杨某,表示可以提供性服务。双方谈妥300元的价格后,戴某就打车到了杨某所在房间。   “戴某到房间后,发现房间里还有杨某的朋友王某及另外一名小姐在场,便询问那名小姐的收费。”民警介绍,杨某发现对方收费远高于自己,便提出要涨价至500元,而杨某却嫌弃其太丑,拒绝接受服务。   戴某当即威胁称要报警,还要找人“弄死”他们,杨某等人见状相继离开房间。警方经过调查,确认杨某、王某嫖娼事实,分别处于行政拘留12天、10天的处理。戴某谈妥了价格但未提供性服务,情节较轻,处以行政拘留4天。   由于戴某自称女性,同户籍信息不符,警方最终安排男女两名执法人员对其进行检查,确认为男性后予以收监。   法律对于同性之间强迫发生的性行为不认定为强奸,同性之间的性交易是否构成卖淫嫖娼?温州律协刑委会副主任王青山介绍:卖淫嫖娼是指他人以金钱、财物为媒介,与不特定的异性之间或同性之间发生不正当性关系的行为。这里的他人亦包括男性。此前,南京、西宁等地警方都曾破获多起同性卖淫案件。至于提供手淫服务等行为,现行刑法及相关司法解释均未明确规定为犯罪行为。按照罪刑法定原则,此类行为不认定为犯罪。但是,此类行为明显妨害了社会管理秩序,具有一定的社会危害性,应由有关机关依法查处。   声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。   来源:掌上温州客户端相关的主题文章: