Zhoushan implementation of illegal operation blacklist 10 months early warning seized 57 cars 1256789

Zhoushan implementation of the illegal operation of the blacklist warning 10 month seized 57 car 10 months early warning suspect vehicle 60, seized the illegal operation of vehicles 57 times October 18th at 2:10 in the afternoon, a bright alarm in Zhoushan City Road Transport Management Bureau Inspection Department office security sounded, the original is the illegal operation of "a Zhejiang B license plate black list" of the suspect vehicle into Zhoushan, Zhoushan city road transport authority, the illegal operation of the "blacklist" warning system and the early warning was found. Law enforcement officers immediately to carry out the work, according to the monitoring facilities installed in the city’s various main roads, understand the route with the suspect vehicle, immediately after the plan, quickly dispatched and on the same day at 3:30 in the afternoon in Zhoushan Zhujiajian centipede main pier quickly be seized. After questioning the suspect vehicle driver, the driver admitted that he was engaged in illegal operations. The illegal operation of the "blacklist" warning system in recent years, a large city Transportation Bureau of law enforcement "weapon". The use of high-definition video surveillance equipment installed in the Shuangqiao, law enforcement officers from nearly a million cars, pick out 267 cars out of Zhoushan high frequency "blacklist" of the suspect vehicle, the "black list" of a vehicle in Zhoushan, law enforcement officers will be able to receive the alarm and promptly dispatched. From the beginning of the year to October 20, 2016, the illegal operation of the "blacklist" warning system is warning suspected car 60 vehicles, through early warning, the City Transportation Bureau seized the illegal operation of vehicles 57 times, the success rate reached 96%. And the establishment of the city’s illegal operation "blacklist" warning system put into use, marking the Zhoushan municipal transportation administration law enforcement modernization construction entered a new period, effectively improve the accuracy of law enforcement transport management bureau. Put an end to the blind due to the illegal operation of the hidden characteristics caused by the blind, the real technology into efficiency.相关的主题文章: